9Th Round Call for Grant Applications – Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security




9Th Round Call for Grant Applications

Background: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security with the support of the World Bank, has established within the SADP a Competitive Grants Programme (CGP) aiming to support small and medium agriculture-related businesses and farmer associations and cooperatives to increase their level of commercialization through the introduction, testing, adoption, demonstration and dissemination of new and innovative business initiatives and technological improvements.

Priorities: The CGP invites applications for grants with a maximum duration of two years, focusing on the introduction and demonstration of appropriate and affordable technologies and business initiatives in the context of Lesotho agriculture, which would provide possible long-term solutions in a flexible manner, thus benefiting smallholders and developing private agribusiness sector to increase competitiveness and profitability; increase value-added to local products; increase market access, market-acceptability and demand for local smallholder produce; and improve agribusiness management practices.  Priority topics may include: (i) iimprovement of collection, storage, post-harvest handling, processing, grading/sorting, marketing, packaging, labelling, brand development, presentation and promotion of agricultural products; (ii) improvement of product quality and standards, food safety management practices and product certification; (iii) diversification and introduction of higher value-added and niche products; (iv) development of alternative income generating opportunities and services; (v) better linkages and development of contractual arrangements among smallholder farmers/producers, processors, traders and service providers; (vi) marketing intelligence including information, test marketing and studies which are associated with concrete actions for specific products; and (vii) improvement of accessibility by small farmers to various services and input supply. However, for Mafeteng, Berea, Leribe and Botha Bothe districts, the potential beneficiaries are allowed to apply for value adding or agro processing initiatives only. 

Eligible Applicants: The CGP grants are limited to applicants with business activities providing benefits or services in the seven SADP districts of Botha-Bothe, Leribe, Berea, Maseru Rural, Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek and Quthing.  Eligible applicants are: a) registered small and medium agriculture-related businesses; b) registered local, district and national associations and cooperatives.

Partnership with Service Providers: The potential applicants will be required to form partnerships with qualified technical and/or business service provider(s). The service provider(s) would: (i) provide technical assistance and advice to the applicant to clarify the business idea and prepare the application, (ii) work with the applicant to clarify different technical aspects of the activity and prepare an activity implementation plan; (iii) provide technical assistance to the applicant during project implementation and provide the products and services to be delivered according to an agreed schedule; (iv) support the applicant in managing grant funds, including keeping the necessary accounts and collecting contributions from beneficiaries; (v) supervise the inputs of beneficiaries and subcontract technical assistance as necessary; (vi) take the lead in organization and coordination of the planned technology transfer activities including training and demonstrations; (vii) monitor the progress of activities; (viii) support the applicant in the preparation and submission of the required financial and technical reports

Beneficiary contribution: To engender ownership and to demonstrate commitment, the applicants together with their service providers and other partners should contribute co-financing of at least 40% of the total cost of the project for the larger grants and 20% for the smaller grants. At least 50% of the applicants’ co-financing should be in cash while the rest could be as an in-kind contribution.


Deadline and Place for Submission of Applications: The deadline for submission of applications and all necessary supporting documents is not later than 20th July 2018 at 16:00 pm. Sealed applications should be submitted in four copies (one original plus three copies) and delivered by hand at the office of the CGP Secretariat, Smallholder Agriculture Development Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security situated at the Department of livestock Services at Moshoeshoe II opposite Lesotho Defence Air wing or Lesotho Agricultural College or the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security – District Agricultural Offices in the seven project districts specifically to the office of the Project Field officer. Applications submitted after deadline will not be considered.

Application Documentation: The official application forms and further necessary information on drawing up the application will be obtained free of charge at the CGP Secretariat’s Office at the address: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Smallholder Agriculture Development Project,  P O Box 24, Maseru 100, Lesotho situated at Department of Livestock Services at Moshoeshoe II opposite Lesotho Defence Air wing or Lesotho Agricultural College or the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security and District Agricultural Offices in the seven project districts specifically to the office of the Project Field officer. The contact persons are Mr. Lehlohonolo Mpholle and Ms. Malichaba Nkhethoa and can be contacted on 22312578 and [email protected] , [email protected].